LAPS - Low Atmospheric Pressure System

LAPS is a patented method to achieve an irreversible stun in poultry. Low atmospheric pressure is attained by using computer controlled slow decompression, which allows the body of the bird to adjust to changes in pressure and thus lose consciousness. LAPS sets a new paradigm for controlled atmospheric stunning without gaseous addition or electrical shock. The benefits of LAPS are not only humane, but also improve the economics of stunning and meat tenderness. LAPS has received a No-Objection letter from the USDA and has the Seal of Approval by the American Humane Association.

LAPS by TechnoCatch

Unlike other controlled atmosphere stunning systems, LAPS has a relatively small footprint which utilizes existing bird containment, unloading and handling systems. The system can be continuously monitored with the internal digital cameras to ensure consistency in the process achieving an irreversible stun every time.

It is not necessary to add anything to achieve the required stun. In other words, the atmosphere is controlled by reducing the volume of air rather than through gaseous addition. The LAPS method ensures that each bird is held in exactly the same atmosphere resulting in uniformity of process.

A major benefit of LAPS is improved conditions for both birds and humans. This is the result of reduced bird activity and increased lighting in the shackling area for humans. The reduction in activity also creates a working environment for the employees.

With LAPS there is no handling, unloading or shackling of sensible birds!

LAPS by TechnoCatch

These pictures are from a LAPS system installed and running 21,600 birds per hour at a processor’s in Arkansas.