KoolChick - The Only Hydraulically Driven Fan Trailer

Everyone uses fan trailers to reduce DOA’s coming from the farm, but not everybody does it with employee safety in mind. The KoolChick is a patented fan trailer comprised of 4 hydraulically driven fans which eliminates the risk of electrical shock in a wet environment. KoolChick is evaporative cooling at it’s best. Why increase the potential for bacteria by soaking the birds when you can use the KoolChick, which cools and conditions the air.

KoolChick by TechnoCatch

Research conducted by TechnoCatch, along with research by Mississippi State University and the University of Georgia, has shown a correlation between catch related stress, ambient air temperature, humidity, and DOA loss.

Research has proven that the catching process induces stress on the birds resulting in elevated core temperatures. (Note: A Mississippi State University study showed Chickat caught birds experience less stress than hand caught birds.) Limitations due to confinement increase heat and humidity levels and decrease the birds' ability to cool. Elevated air temperature and humidity levels further compound this situation. The longer the bird is exposed to these conditions the greater the risk of increased DOA.

The KoolChick fan trailer is designed to introduce cooled air into the cages and force the hot and humid air from the cages. This exchange allows the bird to cool even under the hottest of conditions. By allowing the bird to cool, core temperatures return to a more desirable level and reduce DOA.

KoolChick fan trailer features:

An all hydraulic system eliminating exposure to electrical hazards.

Four 8-foot fans generating 100,000 CFM per fan airflow. Fans move high volumes of air at a slower speed. This prevents piling typically caused by high velocity fans. The purpose is for the birds to be comfortable. When the birds are comfortable they will sit down allowing more air to flow through the cages and cool more birds.

High-pressure fogger system produces very fine droplets. This more effectively cools the air than standard water-spray systems.

Custom built air-ride trailer with single air-ride axle.

800-gallon water tank.